Arithi Academy is a place to learn programming. Whether you are a student or a working professional, whether you have engineering or science/arts background you'll find something to enrich your knowledge here. Our focus is on fundamentals. Our students, because of the knowledge gained here, have gone on to get good jobs in companies big and small. Yes, our focus is on employability - it is a national crisis - but without sacrificing fundamentals.


As computers become pervasive, every student is expected to know programming. It has become a basic subject - like Maths or Physics. It is taught in schools. If you are a student read on.

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If you are a working professional and you were never formally trained in programming but you think programming might help your career you are not alone. The only question is are you interested in learning? 

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Recent Graduates

If you recently graduated and looking to enhance your employability here are some ideas on what you can do. It is not too late, never too late, to learn something new even if it is completely unrelated to what you learnt in college.

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