Programming Resources for Students

Welcome to Arithi programming blog for students.

The goal of this section is to help students like you to explore beyond text books, kindle your curioisty and may be even spark your imagination. You will not find solutions to problems, materials already available elsewhere in the web/text books or cook-book style tips. Questions will be asked, suggestions will be deliberately incomplete and answers, if any, will only be partial. If this makes you restless and gives you sleepless nights then you are the student this blog is meant for. Any source code or other resources provided are under GNU Public Licence. Please be aware. The usual “as is”, “no warranty” etc apply. These resources are checked for correctness before being uploaded. However, if you find any issues feel free to let us know and we’ll be glad to fix them.

Aug 22


Initially I was not interested in programming. Unable to get a job even 4 months after graduation I took a programming course in Arithi Academy. I learnt algorithms & problem solving techniques besides programming. The way of teaching was awesome. Thank you, sir.

Aug 20


I’m working as a full stack developer. Over the last 5 Years I’ve taken courses like Graph Algorithms, Multi-Threading in Java in Arithi Academy which has helped me in my work tremendously.

Jul 18

Software Engineer @ Tekplay

I’m a math graduate & I wanted to try programming. When my cousin, a former student, referred me to Arithi Academy I was skeptical. What I learnt in Arithi Academy made me not only confident about programming but also helped me get a good job as a full stack developer.

Jul 18

Niranjana Prabha, CEO Mithra Graphic Designs

Hi this Niranjana Prabha, CEO Mithra Graphic Designs .Thank you for this course. I have learnt basics of programming and advanced js which is very helpful for my career.This was a very immersive and interesting course , a lot of self-learning to be done on your own to really understand and put together into practice the technology into your own course and workflow.I’ll use some of them during Read more

Jul 18

Dinesh Kumar , Technical Lead @ Nimble Wireless

First of all, it’s a great honor to be part of this special course. I learned a lot, really. I have learnt java and object oriented programming which is very helpful for my career.I like the way we got involved into practice by setting goals which are a bit challenging yet we want to achieve successfully.Thank you for this course.