About Us

Our Intention

We intend to make education meaningful, challenging yet filled with fun.

Our Passion

We love teaching. We setup this academy so that we could teach the right things at the right time - i.e. early in your career, so that you could grow to become a good professional. 

We love learning. Teaching without learning is not fulfilling. When you understand the mysteries and discover the underlying elegance you experience the joy of learning. Our intention is to make you experience the same joy.


Our Focus

Our focus is on fundamentals. In a country that puts soft and comunication skills above math & science this is a hard sell. But we intend to do just that.

Our Promise

At the end of the day everyone needs a job, better yet a career. It is our belief that if you have strong fundamentals (and a few other things like hard work, passion etc which can't be taught but can only be learnt) employment will be easy, may be even that dream job will be come by. Most of our students get a decent job, some even a great job but still it'd be wrong on our part to say that employment is guaranteed. Instead, we promise that you will get the best education and be best prepared to step into the professional world.


Our Responsibility

It is our ideal that no deserving student is turned back for financial reasons. We take this responsibility seriously and intend to make a difference.