If you are a working professional and you were never formally trained in programming but you think programming might help your career you are not alone. The only question is are you interested in learning? 

What to Learn:

If this is your first lesson in proramming we recommend starting with "Algorithms & Data Structures" which will gently introduce you to a programming language (C or Java) and then proceed to show what programming is all about. If you are already familar with the subject and you just need to learn new technolgies because of career demands please take a look at the courses page. For those of you inclined towards tinkering with hardware there is the embedded system course. If you want to just write a fun mobile application checkout the mobile/table course.If you still can't make up your mind please contact us and we'll help you.

 Please take a look at the Student page for some guidance on what to learn.

Timing & Duration:

Our courses are flexible to accomodate working professionals like you. We have weekend & evening classes. If you are working shifts you can use the day classes. In all, the following choices are available:  

  • evening classes (2 or 3 times a week)
  • weekend classes (Sat and Sun only)
  • day classes (2 or 3 times a week)


There will be homework and reading to do. Students are expected to spend 7-10hrs a week doing this.